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A TEI Schema for the Representation of Computer-mediated Communication

  • The paper presents an XML schema for the representation of genres of computer-mediated communication (CMC) that is compliant with the encoding framework defined by the TEI. It was designed for the annotation of CMC documents in the project Deutsches Referenzkorpus zur internetbasierten Kommunikation (DeRiK), which aims at building a corpus on language use in the most popular CMC genres on the German-speaking Internet. The focus of the schema is on those CMC genres which are written and dialogic―such as forums, bulletin boards, chats, instant messaging, wiki and weblog discussions, microblogging on Twitter, and conversation on “social network” sites. The schema provides a representation format for the main structural features of CMC discourse as well as elements for the annotation of those units regarded as “typical” for language use on the Internet. The schema introduces an element <posting>, which describes stretches of text that are sent to the server by a user at a certain point in time. Postings are the main constituting elements of threads and logfiles, which, in our schema, are the two main types of CMC macrostructures. For the microlevel of CMC documents (that is, the structure of the <posting> content), the schema introduces elements for selected features of Internet jargon such as emoticons, interaction words and addressing terms. It allows for easy anonymization of CMC data for purposes in which the annotated data are made publicly available and includes metadata which are necessary for referencing random excerpts from the data as references in dictionary entries or as results of corpus queries. Documentation of the schema as well as encoding examples can be retrieved from the web at http://www.empirikom.net/bin/view/Themen/CmcTEI. The schema is meant to be a core model for representing CMC that can be modified and extended by others according to their own specific perspectives on CMC data. It could be a first step towards an integration of features for the representation of CMC genres into a future new version of the TEI Guidelines.
Author:Michael Beißwenger, Maria Ermakova, Alexander Geyken, Lothar Lemnitzer, Angelika Storrer
Parent Title (English):Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative
Editor:Piotr Bański, Eleonora Litta Modignani Picozzi, Andreas Witt
Document Type:Article
Year of first Publication:2012
Tag:Deutsches Referenzkorpus zur internetbasierten Kommunikation (DeRiK); Korpuslinguistik; Standardisierung
GND Keyword:Deutsch
Page Number:31
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Last Page:31
DDC classes:400 Sprache / 410 Linguistik
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